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Lyrics: At The Harbour, Can You Understand, Let it grow, The Black Flame
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Clips / Sounds: Carpet of the sun

At The Harbour

Out at daybreak to the sun
Seas are drifting glass
The tides were turning to the storm
Winds were moving fast
Women waiting at the harbour
Silent stand around
Weather storms another day
For men the sea had found
Fishermen were laying nets
The barrels spread the bait
The seagulls warningg echoed round
Winds that wouldn't wait
People gathered at the harbour
Waiting for the tide
Eyes half closed against the spray
And tears they cannot hide
Hulls were creaking crashing sails
Rains were slating down
The oilskins flapping, decks awash
Slanting turning round
Thunder roaring at the harbour
Women drawn in fear
Huddle up to wait the time
And pray the sky will clear
Howling winds and the raging waves
Cracked upon the boats
And torn from safety, torn from life
Men with little hope
Ghostly echoes at the harbour
Whispering of death
Women weeping holding hands
Of those they still have left

Shadows falling at the harbour
Women stand around
Weather storms another way
For men the sea have drowned

Can You Understand

Dollars down the penny drain
Frozen in the clouds
Dream away the last of pain
In waterfalls of sounds
Float across the icy pools
Leaves with curl and sway
Now our mind is floating cool
And you can find the way
Dancing without moving now
Growing with your soul
One with all around you now
Related to the all
Purple mist around your hair
Eyes are fading blue
Smiling into everywhere
Love is coming through

Can you understand you can really understand
When the darkness comese you still shine
Open up your eyes and make the day shine sunshine now
Open up your dreams and make the way shin sunshine now
Can you understand you understand
Can you understand you understand
Open up your life and make your lifetime sunshine now
Open up your soul and make your lifeline sunshine now
Can you understand you understand?
Can you understand you understand?

Carpet of the Sun

Come along with me
Down into the world of seeing
Come and you'll be free
Take the time to find the feeling
See everything on it's own
And you'll find you know the way
And you'll know the things you're shown
Owe everything to do the day
Come along and try Looking into ways of giving
Maybe we will fly
Find a dream that we will live in
We'll look into the eyes of time
Past ages have turned to dust
And born somewhere on the line
The loving that grows with us
Come into the day
Feel the sunshine warmth around you
Sounds from far away
Music of the love that found you
The seed that you plant today
Tomorrow will be a tree
And living goese on this way
It's all part of you and me

See the carpet of the sun
The green grass soft and sweet
Sands upon the shores of time
Of ocean mountains deep
Part of the world that you live in
You are the part that you're giving

Let It Grow

Taking time to find the right line
Talking easy with the thoughts you want to share
Leaning down, feel you growing in my mind
Stealing down, going down, feel you growing in my mind
Finding ways to find the real you
Spending days just holding hands and feeling free
Play around, watch the sunshine coming through
Come around, stay around, watch the loving grow with you.
Loving you the love you gve me
Living love with the things we have share
Poetry, hear the words you say to me
Stay with me, here with me, keep our loving flowing free.
It's got to be slow, talking love the only way
It's got to just flow, making love and taking time to let it grow

The Black Flame

I am words, I am speaking
I never heard my comclusion
Lost in my confusion
In illusion
Lost inside the picture frame
I'm not to blame
I didn't see the black flame
I'm not ashamed
It's poetry the black flame
I'm rearranged
It's changing me the black flame
Burns my blackened brain
I am strong, I am leaving
I never knew I'd feel the need so
Where I'll go, I'll turn the flow
I could not know
Screams inside the burning pain
With spinning head
It's underhand the black flame
It lies inside
I turned and I ran the black flame
On me it fed
I understand the black flame
Burns my blackened brain
Run from me, don't you see
That we are one and I'm a part of you
Get away, anyway
I'm still a secret in the heart of you
And I'm burning in your soul
Now I'm weak, I am losing
I never thought I'd stop trying
I'm just a lie, just a sign, just a cry
Just a symbol of the game
Suspended pain
I cannot face the black flame
Intended dear
I cannot trace the black flame
Reaching into space the black flame
Burns my blackened brain

Published by Ostufer.Net 2010 / 2024

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